Corrugated board sheets

By choosing packaging and displays made of corrugated board, you choose the optimum combination of economy and ecology. Corrugated board is 100 percent recyclable and is produced using 70 percent waste paper - this figure is also steadily increasing. And if you want to add deadline reliability and the fulfilment of individual special requests as well as a good conscience, then the high-quality sheet products from Model GmbH are perfect for you.

Whether you need corrugated sheets in standard or special board grades, coated or with opening tape, supplied in small or large quantities ñ we will meet your requirements.

Manufacturing options

This provides a brief overview of our product range and services:

Product range

  • Single, double and triple wall corrugated board sheets
  • Corrugated sheets in open fluting
  • Laminated board
  • C, B, E, F and G flutes
  • Double flute combinations including CB, EB, EE, EF, FF (incl. with one side open)
  • Triple flute combinations CAA and AAA
  • Full-colour corrugated sheets
  • Imbued corrugated board sheets
  • Sheets with water-resistant or antistatic coatings
  • Special coatings possible from 1,000 m≤
  • Wet-strength adhesion
  • Standard range of GDII-covered qualities
  • Sheets with opening and reinforcement tapes
  • Processing of pre-printed rolls
  • Sheets with double-sided adhesive sealing tape


  • 48-hour delivery service for standard qualities and full truck load
  • Small batches from 100m≤ for standard qualities
  • Own fleet of trucks to assure on-time delivery
  • Special board qualities manufactured at short notice
  • Highest quality, ISO 9002 certification
  • Central location in Germany for short delivery times
  • Modern computer technology for rapid order processing

Technical data

  • WPA cut lengths: 600 to 6,000 mm
  • WPA widths: 200 to 2,460 mm
  • Smaller formats can be cut to size in an additional machine operation and for an additional charge
  • 10 scores per web width (up to 20 in special operations)
  • Maximum pallet height 1.90 m


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