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Corrugated board sheets

By choosing packaging and displays made of corrugated board, you choose the optimum combination of economy and ecology. Corrugated board is 100 percent recyclable and is produced using 70 percent waste paper - this figure is also steadily increasing. And if you want to add deadline reliability and the fulfilment of individual special requests as well as a good conscience, then the high-quality sheet products from Model GmbH are perfect for you. more »


The demands of packaging continue to increase. The diverse and often confusing presentation of products at the point of sale requires packaging that ensures a product is quickly found, recognised and identified. more »

Cardboard packaging

Designers and product managers with high expectations for the creation of displays, logisticians with extreme requirements for transport packaging, end consumers with a strong focus on environmental awareness - we develop solutions that meet these various and seemingly contradicting requirements. more »


Mobile: Our internal works fleet has over 160 traction units and 260 trailers. These trucks are deployed daily on Europe‘s roads. Always on the move; always punctual. more »


Kleine Torjäger in neuem Outfit

Als zuverlässiger und regionaler Partner unterstützt der Verpackungsspezialist Model leidenschaftlich den JSG Gildehaus/SGB. [» weiter]

Model Box Nr. 105

Wir freuen uns Ihnen die erste Ausgabe 2018 der Model-Kundenzeitschrift, Model Box Nr. 105 - Sorgfalt - zu präsentieren. Themen dieser Ausgabe: 4 CEO Bericht, 5 COO Berichte, 9 CTO Bericht, 10 Organisation 2018, 12 Unsere Standorte, 14 Investitionen, 18... [» weiter]